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Born in 1981 as an industrial serigraphy, Euromark stands out on the market for the quality and variety of the produced goods. Its strategic location in the hard-working Northeast situated 20km from Venice, within the footwear-industry district of the Brenta coastal region, a neuralgic place for the manufacturing of high-fashion leather footwear, has significantly contributed to the formation of the company's business culture of care and love for the detail.

Leather, a rich natural material which requires specific skills in its manufacturing, is the company's flagship. Euromark selects and acquires raw hides in Brazil and in Europe, subjecting them to a personalized manufacturing process which is the result of the research carried out by the company itself over the years, which confers to the material a longer wearability in time and a greater endurance to washings.

Fashion, a sector dominated by the continuing evolution and constant research for differentiation, has crowned Euromark's success, allowing the company to count among its clients the most prestigious names of the Italian and international fashion industry. Since 2009, with the ongoing crisis, Euromark has innovated its products, implementing internal manufacturings by creating in-house dyehouse and laundry departments for special treatments of labels. It has further amplified the possibility of printing labels with variable data (size, length, washing and model) thanks to the use of digital printers which employ printing inks that are resistant to industrial and domestic washings, and has also introduced the possibility of an IT management of orders, thereby offering a greater service to the most demanding clientele.

About Us


Euromark is on the front line when it comes to environmental considerations.

A pioneer in the employment of solar energy, thanks to a photovoltaic system Euromark is able to auto-produce approximately forty percent of the energy it consumes. Furthermore, the disposal of wastewater deriving from the manufacturing and printing process is carried out by a certified purification plant.

Particular attention is also given to the employed materials. Indeed, the leather has long been treated constantly reducing the employment of heavy metals and other chemical elements, such as phthalates, formaldehydes and anti-moulds, in the rigorous respect of the EU regulation on the employment of skins and other raw materials of natural and synthetic origin.

The attention to and respect for the health of the workers in another leading criteria in Euromark’s firm policy. Indeed, all employed inks and dyes are water-based, whereas the automation introduced in the cleaning process of the chases takes place entirely without manual intervention.


About Us


In this historical period of economic and social crisis, at Euromark we firmly believe it is only possible to make a difference in the present labor market when following these three essential criteria: passion, audacity and financial solidity

  • Passion for all that is fashion, with particular attention to colors, materials and manufacturing processes, always prioritizing the person, the environment surrounds him or her and thus the well-being of society itself.
  • Audacity in facing the daily challenges of the third millennium, controlling them and diverting them towards the beautiful and the common good, instead of giving in to them.
  • Financial solidity, which is rooted in thirty-three years of investments and serious commitment and rewarded by our primary clientele which has allowed us an excellent capitalization aimed at a constant renewal and modernization.

This is our philosophy, which has as its aim the research and the creation of new products, giving large consideration to ergonomics, as well as the maintenance of high standards of the products and services offered to our clientele.